My package hasn’t been delivered? What do i do?

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Once we ship your product, The shipper is responsible for your packages delivery. We have no control over shipping providers timelines or package delivery dates or procedure.

If your package hasn’t been delivered, give it a few days after your expiration date. If your packages tracking hasn’t updated or seems stuck your package may be lost, missing or may have been stolen, be sure to open a missing mail claim with the shipping provider.

Even though we may provide free shipping for some of our builds your product is fully insured. You may claim the cost of your product via your insurance claim which will always be the full cost of your product purchased.

Your tracking & insurance information provided can be used to open your any refund claims via your shipping providers website.

We do not directly refund once your product has shipped.

You must open a claim with the shipping provider for these refunds as your items are fully insured.